Optimal Hydration For You!

Optimal Hydration

Optimal Hydration St George

Did you know the water which flows from your tap may contain additives and contaminants? Are you looking for ways to feel better and have more energy? Are you aware that it is just as important to drink healthy water as it is to drink enough water? Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so water is essential for our overall good health, but not all water is safe for drinking or our hydration needs. Elevate Vibration proudly provides optimal hydration in St George, Ut, and elsewhere across the United States by offering Vibrational Internal Intentions or V.I.I. Water. V.I.I Water puts healing energy and intention into your drinking water. It allows your cells to easily absorb the water you drink to help you stay properly hydrated all day long, regardless of your activity levels.

Energize with Balance

Renew And Energize With Intention And Balance!

This fantastic water works by placing water into a violet glass bottle and placing it in direct sunlight for up to one hour to infuse the water with ultraviolet healing energy. This enables the violet glass to filter, only allowing the impactful healing power from natural infra-red UVA sun rays to get through the glass and into the water to create an energizing experience when the water is consumed. We don't stop there, you see, it has been proven that water will vibrate at certain frequencies, and with our bodies mostly made up of water, when we drink a specific frequency of water, our bodies will vibrate to that frequency. All of our VII water bottles include a complete bamboo intention band enabling you to decide what frequency of water you want to drink to determine what mood you want to have from consuming this precious water.

Elevate Your Water

Elevate The Vibration Of Your Water!

No matter how filtered your drinking water is, your cells won't absorb it the way they should if it doesn't have the energy it needs. When you complete this process of the sun soaking into your water with the intention band, you can ensure optimal hydration in St George, Ut, and elsewhere across the United States. This perfectly balanced water with nature will harmonize your energy systems through sun, water, earth, wood, and metal which are the elements that make up all of nature and our body's core energies. Let us help you reach a perfect level of hydration through vibration, call us directly to learn more, or click the button below to browse our entire catalog and purchase today.